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''MELODIA'' Organic Herbal Tea


4.80€ 6.70€ Ex Tax: 4.00€

A refreshing, organic herbal drink without caffeine, with a lemon aftertaste. Served as a hot drink in the winter, with soothing and detoxifying properties and as a refreshing cold drink in the summer. Ideal for cooking in salads,..

Greek Mountain Tea 20gr


3.60€ 4.94€ Ex Tax: 3.00€

The beverage from mountain tree blossoms is traditionally used for its heating effect, as well as for its beneficial effect in colds and inflammations of the upper respiratory system, disorders of the gastrointestinal system and i..

Organic EVOO ''PHILEOS OF SPARTA'' 750ml


9.60€ 11.44€ Ex Tax: 8.00€


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